Catch an evening show at the Moncrieff Theatre

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Catch an evening show at the Moncrieff Theatre


If you want to go to the pictures. And yes, we mean go to the pictures, then you’ll want to head to Moncrieff Theatre in Bundaberg.

There’s a range of movies to catch and a variety of great stage shows too.

The staff are said to provide wonderful service and are passionate about the showings of the theatre, more than happy to chew the fat about finer plot points.

The Moncrieff Theatre offers a laid back option for those visiting Bundaberg. The tickets are around half the price of the modern shopping mall cinemas and the building itself is full of class with it's old style red upholstered chairs and retro aesthetic.

So go the whole hog and get the full experience, seeing a picture show comes with atmosphere as well as charm. They may not show new release movies for 2-3 weeks after the megaplex cinemas, but in some ways it’s well worth the wait.

Some truly outstanding performers come to Bundaberg to perform at the Moncrieff Theatre and they often show the big cultural shows on the big screen in simulcast.

It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy an evening show in Bundy.