Sharon Gorge Nature Park

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Sharon Gorge Nature Park


Sharon Gorge Nature park is a wonderful place to relax and experience the beauty of tropical Queensland.

Head there for as little or as long a time as you need to recharge the batteries. The serenity of this place imparts upon you no matter how long you stay, for a picnic or to camp overnight.

Carved from the rock over millennia by water flowing downwards and cutting steep ravines into the land, this sheltered and moist environment proves to be the perfect place for life to thrive. Lichen and Fungi cover all surfaces and a diverse range of trees including a palm grove. Rainforest vegetation and all manner of creatures great and small call Sharon Gorge home.

Lush rainforest lines the camping area and you can spot native wildlife readily. Evidence of bandicoots digging and of course the colourful rainforest birds will delight.

Wake to the sounds of the birds singing and enjoy the cool and refreshing rainforest air.

There’s a peaceful walking track to the river that’s boardwalked and well maintained.

Head to Sharon Gorge Nature Park for bushwalking, camping and to enjoy the wonders of nature in the most relaxing and unspoilt setting imaginable.

Because of this, all efforts to keep Sharon Gorge as clean as possible go a long way to preserving this habitat and location for generations to come. As is often repeated, the only thing to leave behind should be your footprints.