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From the air, on the water or down the road relax and enjoy the ride; if you wish to be unique and go beyond the barriers of your imagination create an experience from the ground up with Leisure Build. From fibreglass boat repairs, to custom-built commercial ice-boxes or repairs to a fibreglass ultra-light aircraft, Leisure Build can do it.. Fibreglass is a lightweight and strong product and best of all it will not rust!

Leisure Build realise that accidents do happen and fibreglass products can be resprayed, repaired, strengthened or waterproofed. They repair everything from fibreglass jet-ski hulls to fibreglass ute canopies and trucks cabs and make them look new again.

Did you know that Bert Hinkler gave Bundaberg its thirst for flight? Leisure Build has embraced that passion through the skillful assembly of fibreglass aircraft and repairs to ultra-lights for Customers that are recommended to Leisure Build from across Australia seeking out their craftsmen.

For work or play see the Leisure Build Team for all of your specialised fibreglass repairs, gel coating and painting facilities conveniently located in the Bundaberg Airport Industrial Park.