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Most people have had or know someone who had a bad experience in building a new home. We have too!

By ‘best’ we mean the actual final cost of a well built. Some in the industry cut corners to save money. This is usually in areas you can’t see easily. Examples include water-proofing, termite protection and deceptive things like miniature furniture on sale’s brochures, or even in display homes. We just won’t cut corners.

We get 80% pf our business from happy clients. Should you choose to give us a go, we’ll happily give you contact phone number of 100 or more clients. Check us out before you commit to us. The bigger out of town based companies can’t do that.

Bundy Homes is a 30 home per year builder. This enables us to use fantastic buying power. All of our accounts are paid weekly thereby prioritising our company ahead of most in areas of service and price.

Many times we give you the money back at hand-over. So you won’t have over-runs to deal with. We may seem a little dearer on day one, but experience tells us that the cheap quotes normally get close to or exceed our initial honest quote anyway. It’s not that we are expensive, in the end, we just include everything at the beginning of the process.

We are local, we live here and we haven’t just come to town looking to ‘turn a quick buck.’ Our past and future is tied to Bundaberg. We are here for the long term.

With us, you can talk to the people who actually own the business. Not a franchise owner or a paid employee. You can talk directly to the final decision makers.

At Bundy Homes, we only build locally, not all over the state or even all over the country where the building standards differ. We know Bundaberg, its specific regulations and know it well.

With Bundy Homes, you’ll get the Best Priced Top Quality Home the first time around.